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It did have credible guest with credible and thought provoking topics too., Yes it had the out there stuff too but hey it was entertaining as such.The soon to be new show will either be some low buck host rehashing the days stories or said low buck host pushing more liberal-leftist, SJW clap trap and anti-Trump, anti- USA shite.With thousands of people online you will be able to instantly meet cool new people using your webcam.Free in Philippines mobile phone chat rooms including sex gender girls and boys on mobile site.Only years later did Kurt hear of the controversy, look up his old flight logs and realize his report call was the one cited in subsequent reports. As noted before, unless another Vancouver station signs up, C2C is still on CFAX 1070 and KIRO 97.3.I still am puzzled how CFAX gets away with running Noory-voiced or approved ads for alternate health products.Hope President Trump okays a re-up for the program.

(George Knapp was great.) I got so sick of that “numbers lady”, one of George Noory’s favorite guests. And take down the coast to coast on air between 10pm and 5am, What cheap,crap programing you now offer over night.. Well I guess that’s the last time I listen to cknw.

NW might just better off with Dead Air Space after the Victim of “Political Reassignment Surgery” Charles Adler signs off at 10 PM, Not many are listening by then anyway.

Perhaps The Programming Director Genius at NW could spend each evening between 10 PM and 5 AM Reading passages live from the latest Hillary Rhoda Clinton Book “What Happened”.

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Obviously CFAX pays a lower rate to C2C than NW, which ran its own ads.


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