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Standing 6’8”, aka Maximus, and former rector of Black Mountain College, Olson played a major role in the dynamic changes that drove mid-20th Century American poetry.Ferrini appears small beside him, but no less haunting.Wilson and Mary bond as Dad goes out hunting for the most dangerous prey of all; this ultimate puts Wilson in the middle of a confrontation that both is very reminiscent of "Rebel" and adds a layer of meaning to the title of "Dangerous." "Dangerous" further is notable for the twists near the end of the film; the audience thinks that it knows the extent to which Wilson essentially learns the true meaning of Christmas after getting a sense of the wonderful aspects of life only to have one more rabbit emerge from the hat.The BD extras consist of commentary by film historian Glenn Erickson and the theatrical trailer for "Dangerous." Anyone with questions or comments regarding "Dangerous" is welcome to email me; you also can connect on Twitter via @tvdvdguy.Wilson providing another beat down soon after being told to not pummel members of the general public too badly shows that maybe his momma did raise a fool; this leads to the popular punishment/life lesson in films of this nature of being sent to a rural community to participate in the investigation of the murder of young woman.A rapid break in the case sends Wilson and the revenge-driven father of the victim in pursuit of the prime suspect; this chase ends at the home of spinsterish Mary Malden; despite circumstantial evidence to the contrary, Mary denies that the fugitive from an interrogation and/or shotgun blast to the pumper is en casa.I’ll be the poet-in-residence here for a week, which ends with a reading from my latest collection, Last night, after a chicken/vegetable stir-fry dinner, I turned on the overhead fan, moved a lamp to the side of the vintage pull-out bed and perused a book case lining the wall stacked with copies of Vincent’s collection, .


This informal chat also includes warning Wilson to behave better in the future.Olson’s poem, “King Fishers,” which influenced me as a young poet, has set up an inexorable call to the obsession of my later years, the wounded Fisher King!Amfortas drops his line next to mine, and with it the orderly content of my inner world breaks down. “I accept.” I’ll take the risk, go where the currents lead.August 17th, 2014, at AM, newly risen light washes purple drawstring shades, which I keep half-shut.

Perched on the shoulder of East Maine Street, a two lane coastal road that runs between downtown Gloucester and Rocky Neck, traffic up and down the hill sets up a constant rush of sound.The recentish Warner Archive Blu-ray release of the 1951 Robert Ryan/Ida Lupino (who also co-directs) noir psychological drama "On Dangerous Ground" awesomely breathes new life into a film with dream teams in front of and behind the camera.


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