Travis clark dating

Travis might have been married to Madison and a stepfather to Nick and Alicia, but the show never treated him or Chris as fully integrated parts of this family unit.

Last season, Nick was the emotional core of the series, as Frank Dillane performed most of the heavy lifting—at least, until Travis lost his son, Chris.Despite all of this, I am here to tell you that there is one ray of hope for Season 3—a path forward that could allow the drama to course correct and find its voice in a way that even has yet to do in any consistent way.Maybe I’ve been out in the desert with these guys for too long—but I did see enticing glimmers of potential in Season 3’s two-part opener. They’re hoping to track down Nick, who left the Mexican sanctuary along with all of its people in search of a new safe haven.Instead, the drama let Travis go as the plot changed locations—and story beats—yet again.


There’s no bringing him back now, but there is still a long-term solution for the series: either develop Madison, or allow her to fade onto the back burner where she currently belongs.Alicia watches as he jumps, taking a good chunk of this season’s potential along with him. They’re expected, even for major characters once in a while.


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