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I could imagine him doing a good Riddler, Mad Hatter, or even Scarecrow.

I also think he could make a good [email protected] I've never had an issue with his performance as the Joker.

John Fleck played the bailiff at Spiner's character's court case; Kelsey Grammer also appeared in his role as Dr. Between 19, Spiner and Annie O'Donnell had recurring roles on the hit sitcom Night Court, playing a Yugoslavian family pretending to be hicks from West Virginia and who often found themselves, through pure misfortune, as defendants in the court room.

Besides series regular John Larroquette, other Trek performers Spiner co-starred with on this series were K Callan, Carlos La Camara, and Kenneth Tobey.

Spiner's first television work was a brief, uncredited role in the 1970 TV movie My Sweet Charlie.

His next TV appearance would not come until 1978, when he became a cast member in the mini-series The Dain Curse.

H.) 5.) Joker (Young Justice)Brent's performance as Riddler in Justice League Action is pretty fitting, more fitting than his Joker in Young Justice. He was also excellent as The Purple Man, Silver Surfer, Gall Trayvis and The Joker (so sue me).

Data), I just love how magnificent the character was as a trickster and how funny he was in the role.



His first feature film appearance was a brief one in Woody Allen's 1980 comedy Stardust Memories.

His portrayal of Data, the android in search of Humanity, made him an invaluable member of the TNG cast.

These skills were highlighted in the episode " Spiner was born in Houston, Texas in 1949.

It was also in 1984 that Spiner began appearing in episode television, beginning with an episode of Tales from the Darkside with Christian Slater.


This was followed with guest appearances on Hill Street Blues (starring fellow Trek alumni Barbara Babcock, Barbara Bosson, and James B.

In 1985, Spiner appeared in the mini-series Robert Kennedy & His Times, which also featured the likes of Cliff De Young (as John F.



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